Meet Karen

Karen L. Williams has always had a serious love for people, especially for women of all ages and in all stages in life. Believing that we need each other, she is committed to bringing women together to foster fellowship and connection.

Karen is a mentor, minister, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and a coach of life. She shares her unique life experiences to help others. She has walked through many fires and lived miracles such as divorce, abuse (both physical & emotionally) miscarriage, low self esteem, Inferior complex, depression, rejection, suicide, how is this miracle of surviving and being in her right mind.  Through prayer, God’s power and support from family and friends, she has emerged with joy, strength and victory!  Guess what if she can survive, you can survive too!  Her story isn’t something she learned in a book, she has actually lived it. Karen’s heart’s desire is to first please the Lord and to support and encourage people, especially young ladies/girls and women.

Throughout her life she has counseled many people, which has become her passion. No matter where she has lived and worked people have always felt comfortable enough to freely tell her their story, they invite her into their world; rather it’s just to listen, asking for advice and prayers.  Recognizing that this is one of her God given gifts to counsel, she founded Manifested Heart. Because of her love for weddings and event planning she is also the founder of Elite Planning & Catering and a Pre-marriage mentor for Prepared/Enrich.

Karen is the proud mother of Andre’ & Mariah and fondly known as “Honey” by Elijah.