MAIN PLATFORM: I will advocate for responsible growth with improved infrastructure that supports our existing as well as our future growth.

Our rate of growth without also providing for related infrastructure needs has caused several problems to develop. Traffic and drainage are among the top issues Pooler is facing.

  1. We need to contract traffic and drainage experts to evaluate and devise solutions as well as a plan for our future growth.
  2. We need to consistently contact Chatham County regarding the clearing and maintenance of Pipemakers Canal. This canal needs regular maintenance to keep a steady outflow of water runoff which will help alleviate some of our flooding issues.
  3. We need to hire a certified City Planner to help solve our current issues as well as guide us for future development.
  4.  Establish an added value requirement for major developments to pay a capital improvements fee, predetermined by the City, for the area being developed.  After the completion of a development, the developer is no longer responsible for upcoming issues as the area grows, yet they continue to profit.
  5. We need to manage Pooler’s growth and development according to the guidelines outlined in our 2016-2036 Comprehensive Plan.  I don’t agree with every aspect of the plan, but those areas can be addressed as the process begins again to update the plan.  The Plan is already three years old and it has to be updated every five years.
  6. The criteria for variances are subjective.  We need to hold petitioner’s accountable to define and establish the need that matches the city’s criteria for a variance.
  7. We need to reengage with the Coastal Regional Commission to update our severely outdated zoning ordinances. As a member of the Steering Committee, it was apparent how detrimental those outdated ordinances have negatively affected our city. This process was abruptly halted and was never restarted. We can:
    1. Increase the buffer between different zones which can help to prevent home values from depreciating as well.
    2. Develop and implement higher standards for landscaping, parking, dumpster location, as well as building designs, especially for the backside of buildings that are visible from the street.
    3. Revise criteria for the development standards and site plan criteria for major commercial, residential, industrial, and multi-use developments.
    4. Revisit the shared parking concept for strip malls as there are many locations with a deficit number of parking spaces.
    5. Revise criteria for developers to add greenspace or trees in larger parking areas.