Our children are our future.  Their education and ability to adapt is paramount to becoming future leaders.  Currently our schools are overcrowded without room for expansion.  Our school board’s plan is to build a K-8 school on the New Hampstead campus.  This would not be a community school like our residents want for our children.  I have been attending the school board meetings to stay informed.  At one meeting a member stated she was tired of Pooler approving so many residential and multi-family developments one after the other without ANY communication with the school board so that they can appropriately plan to accommodate the increase in school age children living in Pooler.  Again, there is no communication with the school board.

  1. We can reach out to developers asking for land to be donated to the school board. This land can then be held until which time we need to build another community school.
  2. We need schools for children that support their neighborhoods.
  3. We can have a designated council member (myself) to be a liaison with the school board.
  4. We can openly listen to residents regarding school issues and communicate them to the school board.
  5. We should encourage partnerships with our local schools.
  6. We can advocate for a charter school if Pooler residents want another choice for their children.